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Best Commercial Flooring – Eco-Tek

water resistant

Waterproof, Hygienic, Durable

antislip floors

Slip Resistant, Safe, Non Porous

installed over night

Overnight Fast Installation

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Eco-Tek flooring

Water Proof Flooring Test

This test is at a request of the landlord in 10 Columbus Circle NY, Time Warner Building. The 8th floor is one of the hottest pieces of real estate in the world. Test calls to fill entire kitchen floor of a new posh restaurant with 3” of water, and hold it for 12 hours without producing any leaks. This is crucial for the benefit of landlord, restaurant owner and tenants below. Water leaks happen all the time, being from a burst water pipe, negligence or accidents such as fire suppression system discharge.

Flooring Cost and Installation

Eco-Tek Floors Benefits

  • Water Proof

  • Non Slip

  • Anti Fungal

  • Non Absorbent

  • Non Porous

  • Zero Maintenance

  • Easy to Clean

  • Noise Reduction

  • Reduce Fatigue

  • Can Be Installed Over Existing

Food and safety inspectors simply love our floors

Your Ultimate Commercial Safety Flooring Solution

Supply and Install in Toronto, GTA and Beyond

Your Search for ultimate commercial floor is over. There is NOTHING on the market that even comes close to our ultimate commercial floor. Our floors are the Safest, Waterproof, Hygienic, and durable. Our safety utility floors will leave you wondering why it hasn’t been invented sooner. However, as the saying goes: Better late, than ever. Whether its a new build, or a retrofit you will not find a better flooring product with a better ROI than Eco-Tek Floors.

Eco-Tek flooring

Heavy duty, thick and durable commercial floors can be installed by certified installers only

Long lasting resilient, antibacterial, sound resistant floors

Designed with durability and attractive appearance, this aesthetically pleasing flooring comes in a variety of colours making it the perfect fit for any commercial interior. Flooring recycled floor is the most economical commercial flooring option on the market. It can be installed in any space with high traffic and water resistant condition required, such as restaurant kitchen, food service areas, hospitals, jails, animal care facilities, cooling rooms and more.

Eco-Tek Floors are resistant to fats and organic acids encountered in the food industry, however the excellent temperature resistant means the PVC floors greater than 1/4″ can be steamed clean. They will provide seamless and joint less floors, therefore reducing the potential for dangerous build up and meet with all North American regulations within the food industry environment.

Why choose Eco-Tek Floors

We are Toronto local commercial floors suppliers and installers. Our floors is the ideal option for commercial spaces, and can be installed over night, no hassle, no downtime operation for your business. Easy to maintain and clean, our flooring material is also remarkably hard-wearing with a lifespan, almost two times longer that of most vinyl floors. We have installed this commercial flooring system in countless spaces throughout Canada and USA, always with excellent results.
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Before and After Installation

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New Flooring Material

We offer flooring materials that ensure a safe and hygienic environment. A non ­porous construction and fewer seams make Eco-Tek Floors non ­absorbent to a variety of substances, including grease, animal fats, chemicals, mildew and bacteria, stains, odors and fluids.

Eco-Tec Floors is Certified and Authorized Installer of Protect-All Flooring in Canada.

Protect All Flooring

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