TOP 10 Significant Reasons Why to Choose Eco-Tek Flooring

//TOP 10 Significant Reasons Why to Choose Eco-Tek Flooring

TOP 10 Significant Reasons Why to Choose Eco-Tek Flooring

Hi, guys! Now you know something about Eco-Tek. In this post, we present to you TOP 10 significant reasons why to choose EcoTek flooring. Get interested? Read further:

  1. Slip-resistant and Waterproof 

Our floors have high coefficients of friction. Consequently, it doesn’t matter whether the floor is dry or wet, it will always be slip-resistant. 

  1. Highly durable and long-lasting

As Eco-Tek flooring is waterproof and impact-resistant, it will serve you for the longest time.

  1. Improves productivity of your staff

Because of the cushioning aspects of our floors, you will improve the health and productivity of staff.

  1. Non-corrosive

Our floors have anti-corrosive protection that is also an important factor while choosing the floor.

  1. Easy to clean

Thanks to a combination of cohesive fibers and anti-fungal micro-biocide Eco-Tek floors are easy to clean. 

  1. Extremely short installation time 

Our masters will install the floor within a shorter time than any other company. As needed, we can do it even overnight. 

  1. Environmentally-friendly

Eco-Tek flooring is manufactured from post-industrial recycled polyvinyl.

  1. Prevents bacterial growth

There are no possibilities for bacterial growth if you choose Eco-Tek flooring.

  1. Meets OSHA and ADA requirements

Our floors exceed all OSHA and ADA requirements.

  1. 5 Year Manufacturer’s warranty

Eco-Tek provides a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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