TOP 12 Flooring Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

//TOP 12 Flooring Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

TOP 12 Flooring Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Hello, everybody!✋ Today we want to speak with you about an interesting topic – renovation🔨⚒. Many people commit some mistakes while dealing with it. So we want to tell you about TOP 12 flooring renovation mistakes which you must avoid. Knowing them, you will save your time and money. Let’s go! 🤩

  1. Not setting a realistic budget

Our tip☝️: Always have some extra money while doing flooring renovation.

  1. Not setting realistic renovation timelines

Our tip☝️: Plan your renovation, adding some extra time. It will be more comfortable not only for you but also for your installers because they will be able to do everything qualitatively.

  1. Fitting today’s trends strictly

Our tip☝️: Of course, choose trendy looks but create your own design and if you need, consult your designer.

  1. Choosing appliances at last

Our tip☝️: The first thing you should do is to select the appliances in order to see that they fit your whole design.

  1. Purchasing materials immediately

Our tip☝️: Finalize your project, do all the measurements and only then buy the items.

  1. Purchasing cheap items

Our tip☝️: You shouldn’t save your money on flooring materials. If you don’t want to replace them after the installation, buy only qualitative, durable, and expensive items.

  1. Hiring cheap installers

Our tip☝️: As well as in the situation with materials, you should hire only experienced and reliable installers. Pay once more in order not to pay again for renovation.

  1. Not ordering extra flooring

Our tip☝️: It is recommended to buy approximately an extra 20% of flooring materials as there are always different defects.

  1. Paying attention only to appearance

Our tip☝️: Of course, appearance is important but do not forget about safety issues.

  1. Not considering your future workflow

Our tip☝️: Organize everything in such a way that you can use your sink, refrigerator, and stove easily and efficiently.

  1. Being unaware of what type of flooring material to choose

Our tip☝️: Instead of choosing a trendy item, buy that one which will fit all your needs and demands. If necessary, consult a flooring store.

  1. Avoiding doing the preparatory work

Our tip☝️: Do not skip this step in renovation if you want to have your floor correctly renovated. It is necessary to do structural work before re-flooring.

To sum up, here we present to you common renovation mistakes which have cost many people time and money. Read it and make the right conclusions!


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